Job Trends in India 2022 | High Demand Jobs in India

Job Trends in India 2022 | High Demand Jobs in India

Guys 2022 will be the biggest financial year for India, if there’s no lock down. Because the last two years, India faced a lot of financial crisis & lack of jobs. As usual the Indian State Governments didn’t release a minimum of job notifications that has to release & this is the biggest drawback to unemployed & people who are preparing & have prepared are completely disappointed.

In 2018, “Future of Jobs”, WEF has predicted nine jobs which will be trending in the year 2022. I’m not listing the trending jobs based on the salary, but on real job trends. So guys, follow the list & make your career path success.

01. Data Analysts and Scientists

Job Profile: Data analysts help businesses develop well-informed strategies by creating charts and prepare visual presentations. Also, examining large data and identifying trends are the expected roles of a data analyst. Data scientists construct and develop new processes for data modelling and primarily use prototypes, algorithms, predictive models and custom analysis.

Skills: Python coding, Hadoop Platform, R programming, SQL Database/Coding, Apache spark, Machine learning and AI, Data Visualisation

Average Data Scientist Salary – Starting From 08 Lakhs

02. Blockchain Developer

Job Profile: The new revolutionary field of blockchain is altering everything from fiscal deals to internet access to data security and operation. Blockchain technology eliminates the need for mediators, lowers prices, and improves speed and reach. It’s designed to bring further translucency and responsibility. There will be a significant deficit of moxie as both the private commercial and governmental sectors are ready for this new, request- changing technology.


  • Understanding of C+, Python, C#, Java, and JavaScript
  • Deep knowledge of blockchain architecture and data structures
  • Knowledge of Cryptography and Decentralized applications. 
  • Must be well versed in Web Development and Smart Contract Development
  • Must have a deep understanding of Blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Hyperledger, Fabric, etc.

An average salary of a blockchain developer in India is INR 6LPA

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