108 Facts about Lord Shiva(Mahadeva) – 4

36. Lord Shiva is Kripanidhaye; the one is the treasure of all compassion in the world37. Lord Shiva is Bhimaya, the God who has huge strength38. Lord Shiva is Mirgapanayae, the God who look after all souls39. Lord Mahadeva is Kathoraya, the God who causes all growth in life40. Lord Shiva is Tripurakantaya, the God […]

108 Facts about Lord Shiva(Mahadeva) – 3

23. Lord Shiva is Kapardine, the one with thick matted hair24. Lord Shiva is Nilalohitya who is liked the red setting sun25. Lord Shiva is known as Shankaraya, the one who gives prosperity26. Lord Shiva is Vishnuvallabhaya, who is very dear to Lord Vishnu27. Lord Shiva emits great rays of light, and thereby known as […]