Pakka Commerical Movie Review | Telugu Movie | 1st July 2022 Release Date

Pakka Commercial Movie Review

Hello Users, this is a movie review based on my movie knowledge. I’m not a movie critic, I’m a movie lover & I’m writing to share my view on the movie – Pakka Commerical

Genre: A Routine Comedy Masala

Movie Plot:

Suryanarayana is an honest lawyer. Because of not giving justice to one case he resigns as a lawyer and runs a shop. Lucky is a son of Suryanarayana who acts as a good lawyer in front of his father and does support the criminals as commercial lawyers and get them out of the cases. One day his father got to know about his son and did Suryanarayana return back as a lawyer, did he fight against his son and got justice or not is the movie plot.

Pakka Commercial Movie Crew:

💫Starring: Gopichand, Raashi Kanna, Rao Ramesh, Sathyaraj, Anasuya

🎦Director & 🖋Story: Maruthi

🎬Producers: Bunny Vasu, Pramod

📷Cinematography: Karm Chawla

⚔Editor: S.B Uddhav

🎶Music Director: Jakes Bejoy

Theatre Release Date: 1st July 2022

Pakka Commercial Movie Review

Looking at the trailer movie creates more buzz, but in the movie, there is no proper content that needs to make a movie hit. Looks-wise Gopichand was very decent and performed well as a commercial lawyer. From Maruthi, audiences expect Comedy with some content.

In the first half, there are no proper Comedy and unfit scenes. Sometimes it doesn’t make the audience laugh and comes out of the plot that the audience is watching. Raashi Khanna and Satphagiri scenes for 10 mins in the first half make a little interesting.

But in the second half, the same comedy feels like overacting. There are no twists, high-impact scenes, or surprises. Usually, courtroom dramas will be gripping but here it predictable and outdated scenes.

Pakka Commercial Movie Highlights

Pakka Commerical Title Song.
Climax portion.

Those who need a story, logic, or screenplay better stay away from this movie.

Favorite 🗣Dialogue: For whom you show the Villan shades, sir, I Have done a very long time ago.

⤵️Bottom Line: An old patch with an uncommercial story.

Rating: 2.5/5

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