108 Facts about Lord Shiva(Mahadeva) – 4


36. Lord Shiva is Kripanidhaye; the one is the treasure of all compassion in the world
37. Lord Shiva is Bhimaya, the God who has huge strength
38. Lord Shiva is Mirgapanayae, the God who look after all souls
39. Lord Mahadeva is Kathoraya, the God who causes all growth in life
40. Lord Shiva is Tripurakantaya, the God of destruction’s of all world
41. Lord Shiva is covered with holy ash and known as Bhasmodhulitha Vigrahaya

lord shiva is also known as Bhasmodhulitha

42. Lord Shiva is the ruler of the universe and known as Vishveshvaraya
43. Lord Shiva is the hero of heroes and known as Virabhadraya
44. Lord Shiva is Hiranyaretase, the God who emanates golden souls
45. Lord Shiva is the Unconquerable being and known as Duradharshaya
46. Lord Shiva is lord of all mountains as known as Girishaya
47. Chanting Lord Shiva’s name removes fear and hence he is known as Anaghaya
48. Since Lord Shiva adorns many snakes he is known as Bhujangabhushanaya

Lord Shiva with snakes

49. Lord Shiva is the foremost of rishis and hence known as Bhargaya
50. Lord Shiva uses mountains as one of his weapons and hence known as Giridhanvana

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