108 Facts about Lord Shiva(Mahadeva) – 5


51. Lord Shiva wears hides as his clothes and hence known as Krittivasava
52. Lord Shiva is one who is home to the wilderness so he is known as Purarataya.
53. Lord Shiva is served by goblins and hence known as Pramathadhipaya
54. Lord Shiva is the God who has conquered death and hence known as Mrityunjaya.
55. Lord Shiva is very gentle to all and hence he is known as Shukshmatanava
56. Since Lord Shiva completes the whole world, he is known as Jagadvyapina
57. Since Lord Shiva is the guru of all gurus he is known as Jagadgurava

Lord Shiva is known as Jagadgurava
Lord Shiva is known as Jagadgurava

58. Since Lord Shiva’s hair is spread across the sky, he is known as Vyomakeshaya.
59. There are total of 19 avatars of Lord Shiva.
60. Lord Shiva took Yaksheshwar avatar to destroy the ego in the minds of the Gods.
61. Lord Shiva had taken Avadhut Avatar to crush the arrogant Lord Indra
62. Lord Shiva was as Piplaad in the house of sage Dadichi and worshipping this avatar helps one get rid of Shani Dosha

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