108 Facts about Lord Shiva(Mahadeva) – 3


23. Lord Shiva is Kapardine, the one with thick matted hair
24. Lord Shiva is Nilalohitya who is liked the red setting sun
25. Lord Shiva is known as Shankaraya, the one who gives prosperity
26. Lord Shiva is Vishnuvallabhaya, who is very dear to Lord Vishnu
27. Lord Shiva emits great rays of light, and thereby known as Shipivistaya
28. Lord Shiva is Ambikanthaya, Lord of Ambika
29. Lord Shiva is Shrikantaya, the one with shining blue neck

Lord Shiva is Shrikantaya, the one with shining blue neck

30. Lord Shiva is Bhaktavatsalaya, the one who loves his devotees
31. Lord Shiva is Ugraya, the one whose presence is awesome
32. Lord Shiva is Kapaline, who uses a human skull as begging bowl
33. Lord Shiva is Kamaraye, the one who has conquered all passions in life
34. Lord Shiva killed the demon Andhaka and hence known as Andhakasura Sudanya
35. Lord Shiva is Kalakalaya who is the god of death

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