108 Facts about Lord Shiva(Mahadeva) – 8

83. Lord Shiva takes the Suntantarka Avatar to ask the hand of Parvathi in marriage from her father Himalaya.
84. Lord Shiva took the Brahmachari Avatar to test His love for Parvathi.
85. Ravana, the biggest demon was cursed when he lifted the mountain residing Lord Shiva and Parvathi.
86. Lord Shiva can reduce any human’s despair and hence He is known as khandarasnave.
87. Lord Shiva is the initiator of all things and hence known as Ajaya.

108 Facts about Lord Shiva(Mahadeva)
108 Facts about Lord Shiva(Mahadeva)

88. Lord Shiva removes all the restraints one has and so is called as Papavimochakaya.
89. Lord Shiva is the God of all that is endless or eternal and hence known as Shashvataya.
90. Lord Shiva is the God of mercy and hence known as Maridaya.
91. Lord Shiva is the ruler of all souls of animals and hence known as Pashupataye.
92. Lord Shiva is known as Devaya or the foremost of all gods and goddesses.

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