108 Facts about Lord Shiva(Mahadeva) – 6


63. Lord Shiva is also known as Vrishankaya, the God whose emblem is a bull.
64. Veerbhadra and Rudrakali were born from the hair strand of Lord Shiva when he was furious with Sati’s death.
65. Lord Shiva took Bhairava Avatar to cut off Brahma’s fifth head and to guard all the Shakti Peethas.
66. Lord Shiva took the Sharabha avatar as a half-bird and half-lion to tame Lord Narasimha.
67. Lord Shiva takes Grihapati Avtar to conquer death.

108 Facts about Lord Shiva
108 Facts about Lord Shiva

68. Lord Shiva takes the Durvasa avatar to tame great sage Durvasa who was short-tempered.
69. Lord Shiva takes the form of an Ox or Vrishabha to kill all the cruel sons of Lord Vishnu.
70. Lord Shiva takes Yatinath Avtar to bless Aahuk’s (a tribal man) wife for reincarnation as Damayanthi.
71. Lord Shiva takes Krishna Darshan Avtar to prevent sage Angiras from donating his wealth.
72. Lord Shiva takes Bhikshuvarya Avatar to protect human beings from all kinds of dangers.

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