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Maanaadu Movie Review

Hello Users, this is a movie review based on my movie knowledge. I’m not a movie critic, I’m a movie lover & I’m writing to share my view on the movie – Maanaadu

Movie Synopsis: A time-loop fiction show by STR | SJ Surya | Venkat Prabhu


Abdul Khaliq alias Simbu comes to help his friends. In the process of helping his friends, Khaliq is stuck in a time loop and the same day is repeating to him. Does he save his friends or not, how is Danushkodi aka SJ Surya involved in this loop and did he break the loop or not is what about the remaining story.

Maanaadu Movie Cast & Crew:

Starring: Simbu, Kalyani Priya Darshini, SJ Surya, Premji

Director: Venkat Prabhu

Producers: Suresh Kamatchi

Music Director: Yuvan Sankar Raja

Editor: Praveen KL

Cinematographer: Richard Nathan

Theater Release Date: 25th Nov 2021

OTT Release date: 24th Dec 2021

Run time: 2 hours 28 minutes

Maanaadu Movie Review:

Till Khaliq enters into the time loop there was a lag in the plot for the first 30 minutes. For the first time loop theory gets into mythology rather than sci-fi which easily helps our audience’s perspective. After Gambler Movie, there is no good movie from the director Venkat Prabhu, but this time from all aspects of storytelling, Direction, Screenplay, and making, he completely loots the show. We can see Yuvan Sankar Raja BGM’s and editor Praveen KL’s mark in the entire movie.

Top-notch: The fight scene in godown is well composed. The racy Cat & Mouse game between Simbu and SJ Surya is cleverly written and brings out the best in both of them.

End my review with the movie plot.

Some politicians will cultivate caste and religious disputes for their own selfish purposes.

My Rating: 4.2/5

IMDb: 8.8/10

Google Users: 96%

Cinestaan: 4/5

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Maanaadu Movie Review

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