108 Facts About Lord Shiva(Mahadev)


1. Lord Shiva, known as the supreme god – above all deities in the world.
2. Mahadev, accepted Nandi as doorkeeper when the Kailash mountain was flooded with milk.
3. The river Ganga was trapped in Lord Shiva’s hair as she was arrogant.
4. Lord Shiva punished all the gods & goddesses at Kashi to become stone images.
5. To suppress the dwarf demon Apasmara, Lord Shiva took the form of Nataraja.
6. Lord Shiva’s third eye burnt Kamadeva to ashes when he was disturbed while meditating.


7. It is said that Chandra or the Moon God was cursed by Lord Shiva.
8. The 108 beads in rudraksha help maintain the law and order of the universe.
9. The third-eye of Lord Shiva searches & destroy the evil from anywhere.
10. Lord Shiva drank the poison emitted during Samudra Manthan to restore peace in the universe.

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